St John Paul College, NSW

Kirsten Binnie ~ Head of Languages ~ September 2019

Thank you Saizen! We had a wonderful tour of Japan. Saizen offered us some experiences we had never enjoyed before such as a farmstay in Miyama and a trip to the bamboo forest in Arashiyama. The farmstay was a fantastic opportunity for our students to see firsthand what life in the Japanese countryside is like. Not only did they get the chance to do farming, tie dying and traditional cooking but they also were able to further improve their Japanese conversational skills. Arashiyama was an amazing place and we all loved the natural spectacle as well as the history of the area. It was a trip that all of the students and teachers will never forget. 

Canterbury College, QLD

Sue Walduck ~ Japanese Language Teacher, Director of Staff ~ September 2019

Travelling to Japan with 19 students is onerous on teachers. While I attempt to be organised, it doesn’t always happen.  This year, for the first time, we tried something new with the group and did the Hozu River Boat cruise.  Rondell had told me all about it and it sounded like the perfect addition to our Japan Tour given that the year 11 students must study “Ecotourism” as  apart of the new units in the year 11 ATAR course.  After catching train lines I’d never been on before, walking about 1km to the boat departure docks and ensuring I hadn’t lost anyone, I was terrified to realise I didn’t have the correct prepaid coupon when at the registration desk.  We called Saizen and the matter was sorted immediately.  We boarded the boat without issue and Saizen spoke to the tour operator to ensure we travelled safely.  That evening, Saizen worked around the clock to send me photos of the coupons and help me to locate the documents.  Being in Japan with so many students can be stressful but when you know you have 24 hours a day support from your agent, you know that nothing is insurmountable.  Saizen never miss your calls when in Japan and their connections with local operators means that everything runs smoothly even if the teachers are first-timers.  I truly believe that the travel experience with any other company wouldn’t be as stress-free.

Derinya Primary School, VIC

Therese Sakamoto ~ Japanese Language Teacher ~ October 2018

Thank you SO much for your care and attention to all requests and details. Having the support of Saizen Tours was a huge weight off my shoulders in preparing for our trip and ensuring that everything went smoothly whilst in Japan. We loved receiving all the documents & other goodies in the box before our departure. The red string bags were handy จC we used them as overnight bags on our first night (and left our suitcases in overnight storage at the airport). We will definitely be asking for your help for our next study tour and will happily recommend you to others.

Malanda State High School, QLD

Inge Arnold ~ LOTE (Japanese), History/Geography Teacher ~ April 2018

Thank you Saizen for your assistance and guidance with organising our tour! The accommodation, rail pass, transport and activity bookings, and flights all went really smoothly. I especially appreciated having the extra eyes over our itinerary plans, Simone did a great job checking the train times were feasible, which saved stress changing trains at busy train stations with such a large group. The attention to detail with the Trip Booklet was fantastic.