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About Us


The key to a successful tour is all in the planning - arranging a customised Japan Tour is our specialty. Booking with Saizen Tours as early as possible also assists in securing your requested dates and will avoid airfare increases.


Saizen Tours is one of Australia's largest Travel Agencies specialising only in educational and special interest group tours to Japan. 

We are a fully accredited member of ATAS,  Australian Federation of Travel Agents and a partner with the Department of Foreign

Affairs and Trade Charter for Safe Travel.  This ensures your money is safe and secure.  From airline tickets and Japan Rail Passes

to arranging customised tours, Saizen Tours is the connection between Australian schools and Japan.


Saizen Tours would be pleased to forward you a quote that carries no obligation.


We have worked closely with schools for almost 25 years in arranging tours to Japan and have become a leader in educational Japan Tours. We have lived in Japan, travelled extensively throughout the country and have detailed knowledge of Japan’s language, culture and history.  As experienced classroom teachers we have the resources and the dedication to provide school tours that bring the language and culture taught in the classroom to life. We give full assistance to teachers planning to take their students on a Japan adventure that will open their minds and broaden their horizons. We relate well to teachers, students and parents and feel confident that we can provide your school with high quality services at an affordable price.


We don't just specialise in Japan travel – it’s our passion and our way of life.


We have not only taken these tours but are also responsible for creating and constantly modifying them to meet the individual needs of our schools. We can tell you everything from why a particular ryokan was chosen to where the cheapest sushi is served. We provide all our tours leaders with a comprehensive tour booklet containing everything from access details to your accommodation, restaurant tips and individual train times to suit your itinerary requests.


Saizen Tours provides every last minute detail to ensure your tour is a total success.

As teachers we understand that schools are very price conscious when it comes to arranging a school Japan Tour. Our aim is to provide you with the best tour price available. We deal direct with our suppliers in Japan which means great savings passed directly on to our schools resulting in the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere. From group airfares to a full Japan tour we guarantee to provide the lowest price.


If you find a lower price elsewhere let us know.

Saizen Tours will guarantee the lowest airfares and tour prices to Japan.


Saizen Tours extends a warm IRASSHAIMASE welcome to you!





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