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Terms and Conditions


1. You agree that upon your decision to purchase from us and by providing your personal identifying information and payment information, you are entering into a contract to purchase a Japan Rail Pass and payment of delivery fees in order to provide you with the pass you have purchased. Your payment information will not be stored on our website and any information you provide will only be used for the purpose of issuing and sending your Japan Rail Pass. None of the details provided will be provided to any third parties.

2. You accept that our service is ;strictly limited to the issue and sending of an exchange order for a JR employee who performs their duties in a JRTravel Centre or an exchange officeto issue you with an actual Japan RailPass.The decision of the JR employee of whether ornotto  issue you a rail;pass (and anyjoint travellers if applicable) is solely; at their discretionand we cannot be held responsible if that person refuses to issue you (or anyone else travelling with you) a Japan Rail Pass.

3. The price to be paid for a Japan Rail ;Pass is subject to fluctuation which is dependent on the prevailing exchange rate at the time of purchase.

4. The Japan Rail Pass can only be purchased outside Japan. Upon issue, the Japan Rail Pass validity cannot be extended and it is your responsibility to ensure that  the pass you purchase is appropriate to the duration of your stay in Japan.

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