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How to obtain your Japan Rail Pass once in Japan:

1. Upon arrival in  Japan and clearance through immigration, go to the exchange office at the JR Station attached to the airport terminal at which you arrived.

2. Submit your exchange order and your passport to the customer service counter. You will be asked to complete a simple application form on the spot. If you are a Japanese national, submit your documents that prove your eligibility for a Japan Rail Pass at the same time.

3. Your pass will be issued to you immediately.

How to use your Japan Rail Pass

  • Show your pass to the JR employee at the booth next to the automatic gates. Be prepared to show your passport if asked.

  • Once permitted to pass through, go to the numbered platform where you will be able to board your train. If you are not sure which platform to go to, you can ask any JR employee who will gladly help you.

  • Enjoy the ride!

Japan Rail Pass
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