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Japan Rail Pass



In order to be able to convert your exchange order to an actual pass at a JR Travel Centre, you need to be one of the following:

1. Non-Japanese passport holders visiting for tourism purposes.

To be eligible under this category, you need to have your passport stamped as a "Temporary Visitor" by an immigration officer.  You cannot obtain a Japan Rail Pass if you enter Japan on any other short term visa (Entertainer, Cultural Activities or any other status), so please ensure that your immigration status will be that of a tourist so that you can enjoy the benefit of a Japan Rail Pass.

2. Japanese Passport holders:

From 01 June 2017, Japan Rail Pass (nationwide)​ can be purchased for Japanese Nationals living a country other than Japan under the new "Eligibility Requirements" for a limited period.


1. Revised Eligibility Requirements for Japanese Nationals living a country other than Japan :​

Japanese Nationals who has Japanese Passport and the official authorization of resident in a country other than Japan more than 10 years which is issued by Japanese Embassy/Consulate - 在留届.

*​ JR Group companies would announce the details of the varification documents to be shown on their homepage around the end of May 2017.

* Passengers is required to show both of the Japanese Passport and the varification documents upon purchasing MCO/Exchange Orders outside of Japan and exchanging MCO/Exchange Orders in Japan.


2. ​Period of Sales and Exchange ​of MCO/Exchange Orders :

​Period of Sales outside of Japan :

From Thu. 01 Jun. 2017 / To Thu. 31 Dec. 2020

Period of Exchange in Japan :​      

From Thu. 01 Jun. 2017 / To Tue. 30 Mar. 2021


​3. How to purchase :

Passengers have to purchase MCO/Exchange Orders outside of Japan.

MCO/Exchange Orders cannot be purchased in Japan.


4. ​Prices of MCO/Exchange Orders:

​The same as the present Japan Rail Pass (nationwide) sold outside of Japan.

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