There is a famous phrase to express Nikko. "Never say great without seeing Nikko." There are many sight seeing spots in Nikko.  Toshogu Shrine is the most famous, but the history of Nikko goes back to 766 in the Nara period, when Priest Shoto built Shihonryuji Temple. As an area that has many temples and shrines, it is known for its visiting spiritual pilgrims. 

Although the many shrines and temples are beautiful, we cannot do justice to all of them on this page. However, some of the more notable shrines and temples to see are Toshogu; built by the first Tokugawa Shogun (Ieyasu Tokugawa whose remains are in an urn there)  and improved on by his grandson (Iemitsu Tokugawa) who was the third Shogun.

Futarasan Shrine is also noteworthy as it has a famous bridge which is World Heritage Listed that crosses the nearby river and the views are beautiful. Rinnoji contains the remains of Iemitsu Tokugawa at the Taiyuin (mausoleum) that exists there.

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