The gateway to Japan is the city of Narita, located 60km northeast of the centre of Tokyo. Narita Airport, also known as the Tokyo New International Airport, is the 5th largest in the world with over 25 million passengers. Narita has two terminals which are joined by a light rail. Taxis, limousine buses and trains are available for the journey to Tokyo. Very few visitors remain in the area to see the numerous local sights. Narita City is 15 minutes from the airport and offers a variety of accommodation from 5 star international hotels to local traditional inns.


Follow the winding streets full of local restaurants, traditional souvenir shops and food stalls until you come to the 1000 year old Narita Temple. This temple is dedicated to the God of Fire and is one of the three most important temples in the country. The temple has attracted many worshippers and followers, having approximately twenty million visitors a year. During  New Year over 4 million people visit the temple, pagoda and gardens of Naritasan. A large park and garden area is situated at the rear of the main temple buildings. Surrounding the beautiful pond are cherry trees, plum trees, maple trees and many others that create a changing scenery during the distinct four seasons of Japan. A museum dedicated to calligraphy can also be found on the temple grounds.


Boso no Mura is a museum that was created to preserve and develop appreciation for traditional lifestyles and local customs. Old farmhouses, shops, residences, arts and crafts of people in the Chiba Prefecture from 200 years ago have been recreated. This is an interactive museum where visitors have the opportunity to participate in a variety of demonstrations and art and craft activities.



Standing on the site of the former Sakura Castle, this is a superb, recently built museum. It is designed for the pleasure of the public as well as for research, with many displays being interactive. Themes unique to each period of Japan's history and culture are displayed.

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