Japan’s first real capital city - Nara - is famous for Todaiji Temple the world’s largest wooden building. Todaiji Temple founded in the mid-8th century is home to the Daibutsu - Big Buddha. The Buddha stands just over 16 metres high and consists of 437 tonnes of bronze and 130 kg of gold. Behind the Daibutsu to the right, look for a large wooden pillar with a hole at its base. Superstition has it that those who pass through the opening will find their way to an afterlife paradise.

Todaiji Temple is located in Nara Koen home to about 1200 deer. They are considered to be the divine messengers of the gods and are extremely friendly when visitors feed them with the special food available for purchase at the many food stalls in and around the park.

The Kasuga Shrine is also noteworthy which has a path lined with many lanterns that lead to it. It passes through Deer Park and the shrine was high-ranking as designated by the Japanese government until 1946.

Nara's persimmons are famous throughout Japan as well as its strawberries and tea. Its cultural significance means that it is a popular tourist attraction and is also the sister city of our national capital, Canberra which is symbolised by the Nara Peace Park.

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