Nagasaki has much historical significance as it was one of the first places that was influenced by contact with the outside world. The Portuguese left an indelible impression on the area as they brought Christianity and Western architecture. The cathedrals in Nagasaki are perfect examples of the influence of the Portuguese as well as Castella; a sponge cake that is loved by Japanese people today. In 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki and there is a war musuem that is a staunch reminder of the tragedy of war. Today, it is a busy port town that has much charm and is worth visiting today because of the many cultural and historical sites as well as the modern local cuisine and Kunchi Festival held from October 7th to 9th.


This Chinese temple is the first temple of the Obaku sect of Buddhism. The high priest was originally Chinese and was built in order for the Chinese people living in Japan to convince the Japanese government in the 1620's that they were not Christian and should not be presecuted. Today the temple has been designated as an important cultural building by the Japanese government. The temple contains the Daiyu Treasure House which is a nationally important cultural asset. 



Glover Garden is the culmination of the Alt, Ringer and Glover residences and is a throwback to the life of these three people who helped modernise Japan. The garden offers access to all three residences and beautiful scenery which has a colonial but picturesque feel to it. Today, it is a well-visited tourist attraction and an annual festival takes place there. People have been known to have their weddings at Glover Garden and it is not surprising; the old, western architecture makes it an ideal venue.



In 1945, an atomic bomb on Nagasaki was dropped which caused significant damage and loss of life. As a staunch reminder of this tragedy, the museum was built and tells a story of what occurred before and after the bombing. The artifacts tell a gripping tale of not only the tragedy but the spirit of the community to rebuild their city and recover from such devastation.

The gateway to Japan is the city of Narita, located 60km northeast of the centre of Tokyo. Narita Airport, also known as the Tokyo New International Airport, is the 5th largest in the world with over 25 million passengers. Narita has two terminals which are joined by a light rail. Taxis, limousine buses and trains are available for the journey to Tokyo. Very few visitors remain in the area to see the numerous local sights. Narita City is 15 minutes from the airport and offers a variety of accommodation from 5 star international hotels to local traditional inns.

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