Mt Fuji is the mountain for which Japan is best known. It straddles the border between Shizuoka and Yamanashi and there is great debate as to which prefecture provides the better view of Mt Fuji. The views of Mt Fuji are breathtaking to say the least, but there are many people who choose to climb Mt Fuji each year to see the sun rise and a view that is memorable to all that have climbed to its summit.

Although there are many routes to climb Mt Fuji, the most popular is the Kawaguchiko route due to the parking area available to tour groups and the many huts at which you can rest or stay overnight.  Having said that, the extensive amount of time required to climb this mountain means that a climb should commence early in the morning.

Note: Climbing Mt Fuji is not recommended for school groups due to the deemed high risk of this activity. If you are going to climb the mountain, do it on a personal tour of Japan!

Don't forget that a spectacular view can be seen from the window of a Shinkansen when on a journey from Tokyo to Kyoto where you will be able to see it on your right (or left if travelling in the opposite direction).



The Hakone area is an excellent place to tour for different views of Mt Fuji. You are able to arrive at Odawara station and from there take the Hakone Tozan Train to Gora and take cable cars the rest of the way to Ubako where you will be able to catch a glimpse of Mt Fuji while in the cable car. If you wish to take the Hokone sightseeing ship, you will be able to see Mt Fuji from another angle albeit with a hill in front of it.  In Hakonemachi, you are able to get another view of it in the Hakone Detached Palace Garden observatory. Of course Hakone is not just for seeing Mt Fuji from different angles; there are hot springs for you to try in Hakone Kowakien/Mori no Yu as well as in Himeshara Hot Springs. 

By taking the Hoakone Tozan bus or the Numazu Tozan bus you are able to return to Odawara and complete a circuit tour of Hakone as well as enjoy the various tourist attractions that Hakone has to offer such as museums, tea houses, an aquarium and various restaurants.



From the Kawaguchi Lake side, you are able to see an uninterrupted view of Mt Fuji and is arguably the best angle from which to view this magnificent mountain!

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