Kamakura is a historically significant city as it was where the Shogunate was situated.   It was a de facto capital for the Yoritomo Minamoto government and later the centre of Nichiren buddhism. For that reason, Kamakura has many temples and shrines that can be visited. As a once-revered centre for Nichiren buddhism, Kamakura also has graves called "Yagura" which were reserved for high-ranking priests and other such people. The five great temples of Kamakura can also be visited; Kencho-ji, Engaku-ji, Jufuku-ji, Jochi-ji and Jomyo-ji which were under the supervision of Nanzen-ji in Kyoto.

Other significant attractions exist such as Wakamiya Oji; a famous street which was a sacred area in the Kamakura period as well as the nearby beach Yuigahama where the Minamoto shogun would purify his body in the water on this beach.

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