Beppu is a city in Oita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, Japan, at the west end of Beppu Bay. It is one of Japan's most famous hot spring resorts producing more hot springs than anywhere else in Japan. Hot water gushes at many spots in the city. The Beppu-onsen Spa consists of eight hot spring areas including Hamawaki, Beppu, Kankaiji, Myoban and Kannawa, which are collectively called "Beppu Hatto". In addition, there are many modern spa resorts also supplied from the rich sources in these areas.



Amazing, steaming, bubbling hot springs gushing out from deep under the ground. Jigoku (Hell) is one of Beppu's most famous tourist attractions. The Jigoku, or Hell Pits, are pools of volcanic hot springs that have made Beppu famous throughout the world. Umi Jigoku is cobalt blue hot water, Chinoike Jigoku is blood red water and the spectacular geyser of Tatsumaki Jigoku shoots up to 20m high. The hot springs are nationally dedicated as on of Japan's 'Place of Scenic Beauty' and are easily accessible, scattered throughout Beppu City.


At Suginoi Palace enjoy the hot springs and pools with family entertainment. The Tanayu open-air bath has a magnificent view of Beppu City and Beppu Bay. The open-air baths boast a magnificent view with a complex of tubs spreading out in five tiers like terraced rice paddies. The Aqua Garden

Open Air Swimsuit Hot Spring Facility is great for families and couples. “The Aqua Garden” offers a rich hot spring experience with the fantastic water illuminated musical Fountain Show.

Access: Shuttle bus service from JR Beppu Station.



The Kintetsu Beppu Ropeway is a Japanese aerial lift line in Beppu. As the line name suggests, the company belongs to the Kintetsu Group. Opened in 1962, the line climbs Mount Tsurumi near the Beppu onsen hot spring resort. The line operates the whole year and the 101-passenger gondola will take you up to the top of Mt. Tsurumi, located in the Aso-Kujyu National Park, in about 10 minutes. Throughout the year: the cherry blossoms in spring, the splendid night view of the city in summer, the scarlet-tinged autumn leaves and the beautiful ice scenery in winter.



This is a large, popular theme park with roller coasters, ferris wheel, go carts and many other attractions. The park also incorporates a 17-hole golf course and hotel.

Access: Take the Kamenoi Bus for 35 minutes from Beppu Station.


An extensive collection of fragrance and perfume bottles is exhibited in the museum, ranging from bottles from the ancient Egyptian era to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Other perfume related instruments, incense utensils from the East, and copper distillers are also on display. The diversity of the exhibits holds its own with full-scale fragrance museums, even when it comes to Grasse from the home of fragrances, southern France.

The Oita Fragrance Museum was established under the sponsorship of Morihiko Hiramatsu, the former governor of Oita Prefecture (term of office: 1979-2003), and Yoshio Maruta, the former chairman of Kao Corporation (term of office: 1971-1990), the fragrance-themed "Oita Fragrance and Woods Museum" was opened in Notsuharu-machi in July, 1996 after 20 years of preparation. Its purpose was to revitalize the central region of Oita Prefecture.

In the Fragrance Blending Corner visitors can make a totally unique perfume to suit their own taste. Visitors can select personalized top, middle and base notes, achieve the right blend ratio, and enjoy their own personal fragrance.

Access: 10 minutes walk from Beppu Daigaku Station on JR Nippo Main Line.


Beppu's traditional art works and bamboo crafts are displayed here by theme and how they related to local people. There is a reference room as well as a craft experience room for you to try weaving bamboo and feel Beppu's bamboo culture.


African Safari is the largest safari park zoo in Japan. There are 70 species, 1400 animals living here. You can observe the large animals in your own car or Jungle bus in the “Safari Zone”. You can pet kangaroos, miniature horses, guinea pigs and other small animals in “Fureai Zone”.

Access: From JR Beppu station, take Kamenoibus to“African Safari, Ajimu” for 50 minutes.



Harmonyland is an outdoor theme park where you can meet Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, Cinnamon and My Melody. Harmonyland is a fun-packed park offering 12 attractions that families and groups can enjoy. Many enchanting live shows are presented daily.

Access: From Kokura Station, take the JR Nipou Main Line in the direction of Oita,and get off at Kitsuki Station (travel time: about 70 minutes).

Take a bus or taxi from the station (another 10 minutes).

From Oita Station, take the JR Nipou Main Line in the direction of Beppu, pass Beppu Station, and get off at Hiji Station (travel time: about 30 minutes).

Take a bus or taxi from the station (another 10 minutes).


Umitamago is an aquarium located just outside Beppu City, surrounded by the sea and mountains. Umitamago is a nicely done aquarium with interesting architecture and some displays that make you feel like being in a modern art museum rather than an aquarium. Animals living in Umitamago include seals, otters, dolphins, penguins and various fish. You can enjoy the Dolphin and the Sea Otter Show and a large sized pool to touch and play with fish.

Access: Umitamago Aquarium can be reached in a 10 minute bus ride from central Beppu (Beppu Station or Beppu Kitahama). Get off at "Takasakiyama" bus stop.

The "Monkey Marine Ticket" for 2200 yen consists of a round trip from Beppu to the Umitamago Aquarium and admission to the aquarium and nearby Takasakiyama Monkey Park.


Located in the Setonaikai National Park where Mt Takasaki faces Beppu Bay. This Monkey Park is the habitat of Japanese monkeys. Around 1700 monkeys are divided into three different family groups. Each group comes down by turn to feed and entertain the visitors.

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